Online Keno - Interesting and Gripping Way of Gambling

Keno is a lottery game, played in many online casinos. The online keno game hasn't complicated rules of difficult strategies. It is just pleasant and exciting way of spending your time. The game itself originated in China and was moved to the USA in 1800-s by Chinese immigrant laborers. Nowadays keno plays with the usage of number selector.

Online Keno Rules

The game is an equivalent to the lottery and its rules are quite simple.

  • Players mark any numbers (from 1 till 20) out of 80 possible numbers.
  • Choose the amount of games you want to play with these numbers. There are Play One, Play Five and Play Ten buttons.
  • Payouts are paid according to your numbers chances.
  • Spots" is called the count of money that a gambler can select, it varies from casino to casino.
  • A Catch or Hit - one of the winning numbers chosen by a player.

Online Keno Progressive Jackpots

One more possibility for the gambler to win much money is to play progressive jackpots. Casinos offer the players to participate in this game and win a jackpot, which exceeds 100% payback limit of the casino.

Online Keno Tips

  • Keno odds depend on casino advantage.
  • Choose the most reputable online casino and play keno on this site.
  • Try to play free keno game at first to have the realistic image of the game and its odds.

Keno Betting

Players can choose the betting amounts. The wagers are usually very low, but the winning sums can be quite high. First of all, you need to choose the amount of the bet. There are two options:

  1. Bet One (one coin wager per game).
  2. Bet Max (five coins wager per game).

It is possible also to increase and decrease the amount of the wager by pushing corresponding buttons.

Win Palace

Bonus     200%

Match     $1000

Games     100+


English Harbour

Bonus     100%

Match     $800

Games     100+


Club USA

Bonus     100%

Match     $150

Games     100+


Slots Plus USA

Bonus     125%

Match     $500

Games     90+


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