A Set of Advice How to Play with Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses attract players to make online deposits and play for true money. They are very popular among gamblers, as they offer free addition to your playing account. Your winning chances increase if you have extra money on your bonus account, no matter what game you have chosen - slot machines or roulette, blackjack or craps.

The amount of casino bonus is usually formed from the amount of the deposit account. The percentage of your bonus can vary from 10 to 200%.

It is not allowed to withdraw your bonus. Read at first requirements thoroughly and find out the conditions of taking the bonus money in online casino.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

  1. Casino deposit - this bonus is given after your making a deposit at casino. It is divided into three main types:
    • Sign-up bonus - the best bonus given on the first deposit.
    • Reload bonuses are offered once per month, if you are a regular player.
    • Loyalty rewards are similar to players associations in regular casinos.
  2. Free casino money bonuses are offered by some online casinos for novice players and they don't require any deposits. Main types of this kind of bonus are:
    • No deposit bonus is offered after the player signs up using bonus code for casino.
    • Free play offers - bonuses, which is required to use during one hour, otherwise, they disappear.

Some Secrets How to Use Online Bonuses

  • Get the highest profit from casino bonuses.
  • Try to play only blackjack in online casinos. The casino advantage is very low here, so you have more chances to win this game and not to lose all your money. Learn the basic strategy of blackjack and your mathematician skills will help you to win. Among other advantageous games is baccarat, video poker and pay go poker.
  • Don't raise your bets while losing in the casino. Try to keep the basic strategy of the game and make minimal wagers.
  • Don't play after the request to withdraw your money. Offering you to receive your cash in 5 days online casinos hope that during that time you'll change your mind and will continue playing.
  • Be watchful when you play in online casino. Before playing read the section concerning terms and conditions, because rules may be changed and you won't be informed about it.
  • Be aware with your rights and always use them. If there are some misunderstandings between you and casino, don't be shy to contact the customer support service and consult them.

Win Palace

Bonus     200%

Match     $1000

Games     100+


English Harbour

Bonus     100%

Match     $800

Games     100+


Club USA

Bonus     100%

Match     $150

Games     100+


Slots Plus USA

Bonus     125%

Match     $500

Games     90+


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